ESWTR Journals since 1993

The Journal of the European Society of Women in Theological Research is double-blind peer-reviewed.

It is published by Peeters, Leuven (Belgium) in print, and as an OA journal (Gold Open Access) free for everyone to read and download.

The Journal is abstracted and indexed in the ATLA Religion Database, Index Theologicus, LITaRS, CrossRef, Thomson Scientific Links.

A subscription to the Journal is included in the ESWTR membership fee. The latest edition is sent to members after its publication.

The first Journal was published in 1993. Up till now the following volumes are in print:

29/2021 Women’s Religious Leadership in Conflict and Crisis

28/2020 Gender, Race, Religion. De/constructing Regimes of In/visibility

27/2019 Terror, Trump & Trauma

26/2018 Translation - Transgression - Transformation

25/2017 500 Years of Reformation - Tensions between Mission and Culture

24/2016 Sharing the Word of Hope with the World

23/2015 Mysticism and Gender

22/2014 Resistance and Visions

21/2013 In-between Spaces: Creative Possibilities for Theologies of Gender

20/2012 Feminist Theology: Listening, Understanding and Responding in a Secular and Plural World

19/2011 Feminist Thelogy and Visual Arts

18/2010 Wrestling with God

17/2009 Feminist Approaches to Interreligious Dialogue

16/2008 Becoming Living Communities

15/2007 Scandinavian Critique of Anglo-American Feminist Theology

14/2006 Building Bridges in a Multifaceted Europe. Religious Origins, Traditions, Contexts and Identities

13/2005 Theological Women's Studies in Southern Europe

12/2004 Holy Texts: Authority and Language

11/2003 Theological Women's Studies in Central/Eastern Europe

10/2002 The End of Liberation? Liberation in the End! Feminist Theory, Feminist Theology and Their Political Implications

 9/2001 Women, Ritual and Liturgy

 8/2000 Feminist Perspectives on History and Religion

 7/1999 Time - Utopia - Eschatology

 6/1998 Feminist Perspectives in Pastoral Theology

 5/1997 Sources and Resources of Feminist Theologies

 4/1996 What Does it Mean Today to be a (Feminist) Theologian?

 3/1995 Women Churches: Networking and Reflection in the European Context

 2/1994 Ecofeminism and Theology

 1/1993 Feminist Theology in a European Context