Becoming a Member

Why joining ESWTR is the best thing you can do?

Becoming a member is like finding your true home: you get sisters, nieces, aunties and mothers. And these sisters, nieces, aunties and mothers all understand that what you are doing is really interesting and important. Moreover, these new family members support you and help you find your way in academic life. They will tell you why finishing your PhD or doctoral dissertation is important. They will tell you why publishing in a peer reviewed recognized scholarly series is a necessity. They will tell you how to navigate the sea of journals and help you to understand why reviews of your work before it is published is better and more constructive than after it is published. They will inform you which conferences you have to go to and how to apply for grants. They will be there when you start applying for jobs and need decent letters of recommendation. They will sit with you and commiserate when things do not go as planned and they will be there cheering when you reached your goal!

So, do not hesitate any longer, become a member of the ESWTR