The society’s first Journal was published in 1993. The following volumes are in print:

 The Journal is double-blind peer-reviewed. It is published by Peeters, Leuven (Belgium). Most abstracts of the contributions can be viewed at the publisher’s homepage. A subscription to the Journal is included in the ESWTR membership fee. The latest edition is sent to members after its publication.

24/2016 Sharing the Word of Hope with the World

23/2015 Mysticism and Gender

22/2014 Resistance and Visions

21/2013 In-between Spaces: Creative Possibilities for Theologies of Gender

20/2012 Feminist Theology: Listening, Understanding and Responding in a Secular and Plural World

19/2011 Feminist Thelogy and Visual Arts

18/2010 Wrestling with God

17/2009 Feminist Approaches to Interreligious Dialogue

16/2008 Becoming Living Communities

15/2007 Scandinavian Critique of Anglo-American Feminist Theology

14/2006 Building Bridges in a Multifaceted Europe. Religious Origins, Traditions, Contexts and Identities

13/2005 Theological Women's Studies in Southern Europe

12/2004 Holy Texts: Authority and Language

11/2003 Theological Women's Studies in Central/Eastern Europe

10/2002 The End of Liberation? Liberation in the End! Feminist Theory, Feminist Theology and Their Political Implications

9/2001 Women, Ritual and Liturgy

8/2000 Feminist Perspectives on History and Religion

7/1999 Time - Utopia - Eschatology

6/1998 Feminist Perspectives in Pastoral Theology

5/1997 Sources and Resources of Feminist Theologies

4/1996 What Does it Mean Today to be a (Feminist) Theologian?

3/1995 Women Churches: Networking and Reflection in the European Context

2/1994 Ecofeminism and Theology

1/1993 Feminist Theology in a European Context