Call for papers for the 2019 edition of ESWTR Journal

"Terror, Trump & Trauma"

Socially and politically, many things have changed for women in recent years. A gender political "turn-back" is taking place. Power relations shift in micro- and macro-social areas. The election of Donald Trumps as US President – a women-disparaging man who presents a very flexible relationship not only to the reality of facts but also to the dignity of women – marks a strengthening of male-chauvinist power. Worldwide, women have been pushed back into pre-feminist places.

The educated and experienced woman, who also stood for election, lost. She did not lose absolutely, but relatively. Her loss had been conditioned by the system of elections and she can easily be seen as a victim of established power structures. With her, women worldwide lost. At first glance, this seems to be very far from Europe and very placative, but it is not. Fine structures change. Realities shift. Facts lose weight.

Post-factual arguments are blurring axioms of logic and science. Convictions are being based on opinions. Positions are becoming flexible. In the shifting of identity and virtuality, reality is being redefined. Feminism and Gender Studies are being defamed as ideology. Respect relativizes itself in the face of new social power relations and anonymous virtual possibilities. All of these put basic social values in question. Fundamentalism of all kinds gains space.

Churches, synagogues and mosques thus become symbolic spaces of political power or powerlessness.

The "European Society of Women in Theological Research" (ESWTR) dedicates its upcoming journal to the theological reflections on religious experiences, social border-situations and traumatic events, which in Europe are not only symbolically linked to the last US presidential elections.

With its deliberate interreligious and theological perspective, the ESWTR Journal 2019 aims to contribute to the public debate on political events in Europe.

Invited are women-relevant reflections on the following themes:

  1. We believe what we want: post-fact climate and theology
  2. Women, politics and faith: ideological terror and interfaith confrontation
  3. Openness and limits: fundamentalism in micro- and macro-structures


The deadline for submission of articles is October 15, 2018.

All contributions submitted to the ESWTR Journal will be surveyed by the editors and anonymously double-peer reviewed.

Only papers written at mother tongue level or translated and corrected into such level,[1] complying with the ESWTR Journal stylesheet, will be forwarded for review. The stylesheet may be found at

For questions and further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Sabine Dievenkorn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

[1] The editorial board may offer support.